Accommodation with breakfast in Larvik

Our apartments are equipped with kitchen

We have apartments that are equipped with kitchen, but for those who want finished breakfast, we also have this offer.

Breakfast by appointment

Breakfast is an important meal to create good meal routines for the rest of the day. Ignoring the importance of the breakfast, it's easier that the rest of the day also gets an uneven meal rhythm. It is not without reason that it is an important meal. A stable blood sugar is beneficial because it provides more surplus and better performance. After a long night's sleep, the body needs new energy, so you are ready for the first session of the day.

In the main house we serve breakfast for those who want it. Time by appointment.

Cold cuts and spreads

We have a good selection of spreads and toppings such as eggs, yellow cheese, Norwegian brown cheese, various cold cuts and preserves.

To drink

We serve milk, orange juice, apple juice, coffee / tea for breakfast.

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast in Larvik!

Breakfast must be pre-booked. See prices »

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